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 [Guide] Writing a good introduction

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PostSubject: [Guide] Writing a good introduction   Sat Jul 05, 2014 7:12 am

New Member Introductions

Welcome fellow comerads to the New Member Introductions section! This section is exclusively for the new members of Iridium Forums, and in here is the one and only place where you can post your "Welcome Thread/Introduction thread".

Explanation of This Section

The New Member Introductions section is a sub forum in the main "General" forum, and is a place where all new members can post their introduction threads and receive a warm welcoming from the community. If you have any other questions regarding this forum, please post in the "Help/Support/Suggestions" sub forum.

Rules for Posting Welcome Threads.
1. Only create one topic
There really is no need for more; here are some suggestions you might want to consider posting about in your introduction:

A good introduction contains:

2.No posting "late welcomes"
While many of you refrain from posting Welcome Threads when you first arrive, we ask that if you've been here for more then a month or two that you don't create one. By then, most people are familiar with you, which defeats the purpose of you creating one.

Suggestions for Your Introduction Thread

1. Be creative and informative!
Be unique on how you express yourself! Write a poem, a song, or a puzzle to help explain who you are! And of course, please include other hobbies, games you play, and other information all contribute to a unique introduction thread.

2. Questions?
If you have only one or two (informal) questions, feel free to post it in your intro thread. However, it is highly recommended that you check out the Help/Questions forum and the search function first, and all questions go there, or just ask the nice people on the Iridium/UGB chatbox down below!

Thank you for applying and showing interest in Iridium!

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[Guide] Writing a good introduction
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