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 WarLand - Developed by Dmage

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PostSubject: WarLand - Developed by Dmage   Sat Jul 12, 2014 12:39 pm

Dmage wrote:
Decided to make a alpha version of game I'm working on public so I could get some feedback and make needed adjustments. Game is still pretty far from completion and needs GUI; multiplayer part and bigger variety of weapons.

Link: (version R42).


Upon loading press Start Server and wait a few seconds for team choose menu to appear. After team choose press Go and you will be transferred into the game.

To turn on Fullscreen or to exit game to Main Menu or to access Options press P button (fullscreen button is at top right corner).

In Options menu (P Button) you can change Graphics options (default are on highest) and lower quality if fps is too low and there is lag. Also there is a possibility to lower resolution. I should note that game graphically is much more intense than BeGone.

1,2- Weapons change.

Space - Jump (pressing space while in air will enable double jump).

Shift - Sprint (pressing Shift again while sprinting will enable super sprint, pressing C while super sprinting will enable slide).

R - Reload.

X button - Thermovision.

Z button  - Invisibility. Turning on invisibility while spaceship is near or above you will allow you to avoid rocket attack.

Pressing E near blue panel will allow to take over spaceship rocket launcher control.

Pressing E near holographic assault rifle will recharge weapon.

It is possible to take down spaceship (if it starts smoking it means that it has less than 50% health left).

Some screenshots:

Plasma shotgun

Invisibility on

Blue panel which allows to take over spaceship rocket control


Will be grateful for feedback, fps reports, bugs spotted and suggestions on how to improve the game (if any) also feel free to post screenshots or videos.
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PostSubject: Re: WarLand - Developed by Dmage   Wed Jul 16, 2014 1:40 pm

Played it and meh
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WarLand - Developed by Dmage
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