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 Team Fortress 2 Newcomers Guide, Part 1

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PostSubject: Team Fortress 2 Newcomers Guide, Part 1   Mon May 19, 2014 11:33 pm

Hello all,

I thought it would be a good idea to have a brief  ‘beginners guide’ / ‘getting started’ post to allow people to see the different sides of TF2 or maybe where they would like to start in a game that might be unfamiliar.

Now, We begin:

What is TF2?

According to Steam:

Well what does this mean to us really?

Well TF2 is a completely free First Person Shooter, but not in the way many people are used to, as reality is thrown right out the window. It is a very cartoony, arcady and quick moving game.

Looking to get in to TF2?

Your going to need Steam to start off, which you can find here:

After that your going to want to get into the Iridium group on steam, so people can get together. You will need to add me:

and then you will find the Iridium group here:

And finally, you can find TF2 here:

Getting Started

So the first thing you will see in this game there are 9 different classes. They are broken up in the game by 3 different roles, Offensive, Defensive and Support. Now this doesn't mean that you cant just use what ever class you like. Im going to go from Left to right as they appear on the selection screen.


Health- 125
Speed- 133%
Default Loadout:
Scattergun (Sawed-Off Shotgun), Can also use: Quad shot Pistol, Level Action Shotgun
Pistol, Can also use: Power Up Drinks, Mad Milk, Throwing Cleaver
Bat, Can also use: Assorted Melee Items
Special Perk: Double Jump, Faster Payload Movement
Personal Description: The scout is the fastest character in the game, and can change direction quickly with his double jump. His weapons are only good at close range which makes him a ‘glass cannon’. With his low health and powerful shotgun he gets in quick and takes out people. Mainly he should be used to capture in CTF or move the bomb in Payload mode.
Good Character to begin with.

Health- 200
Speed- 80%
Default Loadout:
Rocket Launcher, Can Also use: Rocket launchers with assored properties.
Shotgun:  Can also use: Buff Banners, Metal Boots (Prevents Rocket Jump Damage), Laser Pistol
Shovel, Can also use: Assorted Melee Weapons
Special Perk: Rocket Jump, Shooting the ground while jumping launches you in the air at the cost of health
Personal Description: The Soldiers Rockets do a lot of damage, however they fly through the air slwoer than bullets so you cant simply aim and shoot. However, if you can get used to planning where your shooting the damage will come in floods.  Using their rockets they are able to put up a fight even from a longer range, as long as you can plan for the rockets flight time. They are good for pushing the objective, as a single or a pair of soldiers can clear out a packed room or even an entire team.
Good For New  players.

Health- 175
Speed- 100%
Default Loadout:
Flame Thrower, Can also use: other assorted flame throwers
Shotgun, Can also use: Flare Guns
Fire Axe, Can also use: Assorted Melee Weapons
Special Perk: Compression Blast. The Right Click fire of  a flamethrower will blow other characters away, can also redirect Soldier Rockets.
Personal Description: Pyros are the perfect class stat wise, High health and normal speed. The problem is they are completely close range only, the flamethrower is powerful but has a short range, this makes the pyro fantastic for indoor maps and great for covering corners or hallway intersections. They are good for jumping the enemy in a game of CTF and controlling points, when playing Pyro you can wipe an entire room by yourself.
Not Good for Beginners, Advanced Class

More Coming Soon;  Defence and Support Characters. Game Modes. Items.
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PostSubject: Re: Team Fortress 2 Newcomers Guide, Part 1   Tue May 20, 2014 12:59 am

my name in steam is Nextkiller21, you can add me in Iridium clan!
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PostSubject: Re: Team Fortress 2 Newcomers Guide, Part 1   Tue May 20, 2014 1:34 am

Oh I got this classes shit unlocked. Lemme take a crack at it.

#YOLO (offense) Classes

1. Scout
Pros: Fast as fuck
Pushes objectives faster

Cons: Weak as fuck
All weapons are short-range
Useless against an organized defense, even more useless when playing defensively

2. Soldier

Pros: Good health
Ranged AoE weapons
"Rocket-Jumping" - basically shooting yourself with your main gun to fly through the air to move around the map faster

Cons: Only secondary weapons are "hitscan"

3. Pyro

Pros: FIRE
But no really, they're great for ambushing the enemy with fire, and some flamethrowers are designed to ambush enemies from behind to deal critical damage
Setting enemies on fire and using the proper melee weapon on them (Axtinguisher or whatever) can be very lethal
"Airblasting" - deflect all non-hitscan projectiles (bombs, rockets, arrows, etc.) with a blast of air by clicking the RMB while having your primary out (deflected projectiles are turned into crits!)

Cons: Airblasing is difficult to learn
Meh health
Terrible at long-range combat
High-risk class. Unlikely to get support if going offensive alone

#SWAG (Defensive) Classes

4. Demoman

Pros: Set up traps to blow up enemies
High-damage explosives

Cons: Meh health
Not very fast
Melee weapons, while fun, are very situational
No non-explosive ranged weapons (most of which are shite)

5. Heavy

Pros: Big health
Big minigun
Shreds competition at close range

Cons: Slow as fuck
Vulnerable when not paying attention (snipers, spies)
Surprisingly weak when going on offensive without a Medic

6. Engineer

Pros: Build turrets to kill shit for you
Build teleporters to transport yourself and your teammates across the map much faster
Build dispensers to refill your allies' ammo and health
All these are upgradable!

Cons: #1 priority for Spies
Bad health
Takes "metal" to upgrade buildings (metal is gotten from ammo, so either from ammo spawns or from the dropped weapons of dead enemies/friends)
Only primary is variations of a shotgun (very CQC)

#SELFIE (Support) Classes

7. Sniper

Pros: XxOpT1K_420_N0Sc0P3xX
But no, very effective at long-range combat. Sniper rifles "charge" when zoomed in, and a max-charged sniper rifle can kill any class with a headshot (and most with a bodyshot)
Capable of murdering a lot of dumb enemies very quickly via headshots
Capable snipers can hold/lock down an area very effectively

Cons: Most people suck at it
Bad health
#2 priority for Spies
Almost no ability to defend oneself if ambushed
Overplayed as hell

8. Medic

Pros: Heal others (obvi)
"Ubercharge" allies to give them a temporary ability (extremely rapid health regen, invulnerability, 100% critical hits) depending on the Medi-gun used
Decide the fate of a match based on how well you perform (especially on some Attack/Defense maps)

Cons: Bad health
Worst offensive class in the game (not even meant to be offensive)
Relies heavily on protection from other teammates and communication
Priority for Snipers and Spies

9. Spy

Pros: Insta-kill enemies with a backstab
Ability to cloak/feign death depending on the cloaking device being used
Can disguise oneself as a member of the enemy team to infiltrate

Cons: Bad health
Overplayed to death and back
If caught (very easy to do if paying attention), ~0% chance of survival
Ranged weapons are poor at best, few exceptions, but those exceptions require a mastery of aiming/twitch shooting
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PostSubject: Re: Team Fortress 2 Newcomers Guide, Part 1   

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Team Fortress 2 Newcomers Guide, Part 1
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